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Socks – Sunset – Blue Trees

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Brought to you by a collaboration of Sock Guy and Akinz they bring you the very best wool socks!
Super soft performance crew fit made from TurboWool which is a non-itchy, super durable blend of Merino Wool and polypropylene.
Keeps your feet dry and warm, making it the best for all seasons. Perfect for daily wear, bike riding, outdoor adventures or for helping meet kindred outdoor lovers.

Oatmeal heather turbowool (50% polypropylene and 50% Merino wool) with multicolor vintage inspired Sundowner knitted design and Akinz logo on foot.

MADE IN USA. Unisex sizing.

Size S/M = Mens 5-9/ Womens 6-10

Size L/XL = Mens 9-13/ Womens 10-14

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