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Bath Bomb – Kids grow

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Making bath time fun is one thing, but doing so with an all-natural herbal bath bomb is next level. Topped with sparkly soluble gold stars and a hidden sponge capsule inside, our Vital Kids bomb is sure to up the ‘fun’ factor during your child’s next bath.
  • Remedy For: Making bath time more fun for your little one!
  • Essential Oil: Orange, tangerine, and vanilla
  • Flower Essence: Cherry Plum
  • Botanicals: Calendula petals dusted with non-synthetic dye-free mica
  • Gemstones: Water-soluble gold stars & hidden animal sponge inside
  • Plant Based Colorant Color-changing Butterfly Pea powder


    baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, non-GMO cornstarch, witch hazel, fractionated coconut oil, blend of essential oils, herbs, butterfly pea powder, calendula petals, sugar, non-synthetic mica, flower essence, love
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