Better Together Necklace


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“Thanks for supporting me when I needed it most. Thanks for always being one call away. Thanks for being the light that guided me through the darkest of nights, for showing me that life will be ok, even if the sun isn’t always around. Thanks for the endless laughter and for answering my ridiculous text messages. Thanks for reminding me the value of the little things — like going on late-night food runs and blasting our favorite songs on repeat. Thanks for always being a part of my world, for creating new galaxies within me and for reminding me that the sky is the limit. In an ever-changing life — most things won’t last forever — but I know our friendship will. We are like the moon and stars — shining differently yet incomplete without each other’s light. No matter the distance we will always be under the same sky — eliminating darkness and burning brighter than everything around us. Some shine alone — we shine together. Always and forever, better together.”

Product Information & Fit
Made In America & Designed by Bryan Anthonys
Length: 18″
Materials: Metal
Available Finishes: Gold (Nickel Free)

Additional information

Stone & Metal

Gold Aquamarine, Gold Rose, Silver Aquamarine


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