eXtraOrdinary Gift Co.

Unique gifts for extraordinary people



Do you make a lot of this stuff?

Nope, sure don’t 😊

Is everything made locally?

Nope! We carry items from all over the US. We strive to carry about 99% American made with the majority being local Colorado artists.

How long have you been here?

We’ve been on Tennyson for going on 9 years, since October of 2013!

Where do you find your vendors?

Mostly these days, they find me! I wish I could keep up with all of the creative, awesome options out there.

How does someone get their items in your shop?

There is no formal process. The best way is to email information to “[email protected]” including pictures, links for me to look at. Considering the amount of “submissions” received, I cannot always get back to everyone, but I try!

Do you rotate your items regularly?

I do not, what you see it was you usually get but of course it continually morphs and transforms. There is no set time for adding new products or not, just a natural progression based on what comes my way, what I like, what I have room for, etc.

You used to have this (specific item), but I don’t see it…

Please ask! Don’t see what you want, need, like? Let us know. Remember something you saw once but don’t see in store now? Ask! We’ll do our best to help get any out of stock or no longer carried items, different size, etc. Please don’t hesitate, we’re here for you!